Pokemon Go: proper use incense to catch Pokémon

If you want to quickly increase your collection of Pokemon, incense is one of your best assets. Here are some tips and tricks to good use this object that hides some secrets.

Pokemon Go continues to write his story without being officially available in France and, as we progress in the game with the writing, we will offer you some tips and tricks to be more effective in your search of the perfect little monsters. After covering up and down the operation of the radar and have slept on virtual paper the basics for beginners, look more closely the operation of an intriguing subject: incense.

Basically, incense will attract Pokemon around you and you can catch them without moving from your couch . That said, the basic operation seems easy to understand has several ramifications which we will explain in a FAQ.


Does incense attracts Pokemon that are on the radar?

No. Well, not necessarily. If you see a Pokemon you do not have on your radar and wish ardently, you will do better to go in his footsteps instead of waiting with incense.In most cases, the appearing Pokemon arrive randomly. 

How long does it take to see a Pokémon near you?

The time of onset of Pokemon once triggered incense is 5 minutes. For 30 minutes, so you will have a new Pokemon to catch every 5 minutes, making it, according to a scientist calculation, 6 Pokemon in total .

Can we accelerate the rate of appearance of Pokémon?

Yes ! But you have to accelerate as you. In fact, players have noted that Pokemon were more attracted by the incense if you run. The formula has even been found in the files of the game  : 7.5 km / h, the average speed of a little morning jog will bring up a Pokemon every minute. This will allow, in theory, to catch Pokemon 30 before going to work. Not bad.

Is it useful to trigger incense in transportation?

It depends. We have experienced in the process and if, indeed, Pokemon arrive every minute around you , you simply will not be able to catch them. The reason is simple: you are too far from where appeared the Pokemon when the Pokeball closes, which will have the effect of systematic release your creature. It is best to spoil incense.

Updated: However, in a bus, the experience is more convincing hair. You will have the bonus of incense that goes off every minute or so and you will often have time to catch the Pokemon, since a bus stop quite often. We have caught fifteen on an estimated half an hour. That said, the toughest escaped us: the bus was already far on the third try …


Should priority lures incense?

The lures work more or less the same way but hang on a Pokestop. Thus, all players can enjoy to pick Pokemon. The lure is a good way to advertise if a Pokestop is on your sign .

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